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Renee Klug-Gabaldon

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Community Events

Hummbingbird - Intermediate
8-21-18 7:00 pm - Haircut Place
Hiking Plus

Note: The address above is where we will meet. This hike is one of the most well known in Simi Valley. This entire hike is an incline, except for a few sections. Most of the inclines are typical of any other hike and a 2 mile stretch of incline...

Law of Attraction--Design your Destiny
8-21-18 7:00 pm - Haircut Place
Designing Your Destiny

This MeetUp group is learning how the principles of the Laws of Attraction and Deliberate Creation can work for you. Simply, this means guiding your own life to be exactly what you dream it to be in all areas of your life: health and wellness,...